About Us

I am a professional blogger, who love to share several types of Story in Hindi.

I have read many kinds of Hindi Stories from Books on the internet and another way over the last five years. I have learned a lot by reading these Stories in Hindi.

I thought the people like me are also searching for the same on various sites so I will share different kinds of Hindi Stories for those people here.

This platform is purely created to help people who are really struggling in their life. they read these Stories to learn a lot in life.

The provided content is based on my learning, research, and understanding of what do these stories have to do with our lives? If you think I’m using your stuff then you can contact me for copyright issues.




Santu Ghorui

Hey, I am Santu Ghorui a Blogger and The owner of Moralstoryhindi.com. in the last few years, I have read many kinds of Stories in Hindi like Moral stories, Panchatantra stories, Love stories, horror stories. and my few years of experience I am sharing here. Read More